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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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I've been huffing pine cleaner for a yr or 2 not sure if it is a problem or not but Im afriad it could become one. Its not that I huff it to get high I just loooooooove the smell. I clean with it as much as possible and try to limit myself to only huffing it 1 a day but I usually do it for a couple of minutes. Its nice to know people have this same issue. My question is, should I  consider getting help for this or is the fact that I just love the smell okay?


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Hey There...I decided to "google" sniffing pine cleaner, just to see if there was anyone out there other then me who does this crazy junk...I have been a Pine cleaner and cleaner and Bleach mix huffer since 2005...It got bad when I got pregnant with my son, I use to hide in the bathroom and just sniff and sniff. My friends and family laugh, but I know it's bad, and I know I am addicted. I also love hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes smells, bleach, ammonia, and all purpose cleaners....I need to stop but I can't.


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Yes, please get help! Have you ever looked at a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product to see what ingredients are in there or the warnings which apply to deliberately sniffing it from the bottle? If not, please do a quick internet search and find out.

After seeing how popular this topic was on our message board, I contacted the manufacturer and they emailed me the following statement:
Deliberately concentrating and sniffing Pine-sol is clearly outside of the product's intended use and it is certainly recommend that they stop this behavior immediately.  While the product may not specifically warn against inhalation abuse of the kind that they are describing, their actions may be causing them to breathe concentrations of the ingredients above levels that are known to be safe.
Please take heed to this, and seek help by talking to your doctor, family and friends.

Queshia B
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