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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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i have a ive done duster every now and then...never as a "all the time thing" but today actually...i made the dumb choice to do it and after a few times...i did it once more and actually thought i was talking to this black guy about sex or something like i was a hooker haha (race not important) and heard my sister get home so i rushed to my bed and acted busy by the time i got to my bed i was like "wtf...that didnt really happen" this has never happened to me b4 with this stuff and ive done acid and stuff and this felt so real...has this ever happened to u or should i get help? im never dusting again please help...thanks -F

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I responded on your other post, but want to reply here too:


Let me start off by saying I've never huffed, but it sounds like you experienced a hallucination. Among other more dangerous effects, hallucination is not rare when inhaling.


Are there any abusers out there who can share their experience or thoughts on this?


Right before I came to your post I read this one by another member of this message board who lost her sister to computer duster:


Please read and note your overall health and wellness is more important than a short high. Glad to hear you will never use duster again. If you haven't done so already, you should get help for this problem.

Queshia B

Alliance for Consumer Education
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Dear faego,

Thank you for sharing your experience...and I am relieved to hear that you will not be 'dusting' again! To answer your question, computer dusters contain one of two chemicals tetrafluoroethane or difluoroethane; both of which will elicit intoxicating effects when inhaled (which seems to explain your altered state). Inhalants (much like alcohol and other drugs) lessen an individual's inhibitions and cause them to feel less in control of their mind and body. Hallucinations are a common side effect as well as extensive periods of disorientation, visual disturbances, impaired judgment, and loss of consciousness.

Every drug/ substance will affect an individual in different ways. I encourage you to use your latest experience as a motivator to seek help from a medical professional and stop huffing all together. Huffing "every now and then" is just as dangerous as huffing on a regular basis. Please read ACE's FAQ sheet on Duster. It offers valuable information as to the effects, symptoms, and consequences of huffing.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions!



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faego -

I sincerely hope you won't do duster ever again. My 26 year old fiance' died last summer from inhaling computer duster. It only takes ONE time. You never know which hit will kill you. Hallucinations are normal when doing duster, and they can seem very real. I also hope you stay clear of the acid too. That has damaging effects on your brain.

As Queshia said, your life and health is way more important than a short high. I wish I could tell Jarod that more than anything...but since I can't I will tell everyone who does duster or who is thinking of doing it. Please stay strong and stay clean. We are all here to support you and help you in any way we can. Keep us posted and best of luck.


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Hi faego,
 I used to be a heavy inhalant abuser, and I know exactly what you went through.  I used to inhale goo gone (definitely NOT recommended), and I had hallucinations only after inhaling over and over again also.  I found myself wondering if it really happened just like you wondered.  It's a scary thing to not remember if something really happened or not and have no control over it.  I'm glad that you have decided to stop.  Trust me; it won't be easy, but I know that you can overcome it. 

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Im only 14 years of age, but have 3 years of experiene and addiction to many drugs, including duster. So listen to me if you will. Your body will get numb, and flashing will occur as if everything is a strob light. Ive had a time, me and my friend were huffing duster in my room with SpongeBob on the tv. She would stare somewhere random and say weird random strange things. such as "We can just call him gay" ? I still think about, have i experienced saying weird random sh*t? She slept over that night and when we ran out of duster and sobered up. i asked her why did she say that. She stared me so confused....she had no clue! she couldnt remember anything....i was so shocked...

I can be a better person. I will be a better person. Somday...
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