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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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My Pine cleaner huffing addiction has gotten so bad that I am heating it up in the microwave to a boiling point then just sit down at my table with it.  I am using straight cleaner, not diluting it with water.  I know there has to be some long term effects but I go home from work and that's what I look forward to.  I think is has to do with Anemia.  I had gastric surgery last year and when I got out of the hospital I didn't have the addiction but it came back strong and hard.

Does anyone know anything about the long term side effects of doing this?

Any help I can get is deeply appreciated.


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you can just google it and it a ton of stuff. but it messes up your central nerves system, heart, lungs, kednies, liver, ect. bad crap like that


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gaelicheart3- Best thing to do would be to contact your physician.  He/she would be most qualified to let you know how your product abuse is effecting your body.

Not sure if you've read the label, but please note you are inhaling all of the ingredients into your body. Generally speaking some side effects vary depending on which product is abused. Again, generally,
long-term inhalant users suffer from: weight loss, muscle weakness, disorientation, inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irritability and depression. Regular abuse of these substances can result in serious harm to vital organs. Serious, but potentially reversible, effects include liver and kidney damage. Harmful irreversible effects include: hearing loss, limb spasms, bone marrow and central nervous system (including brain) damage.

I contacted the manufacturer and they emailed me the following statement:
Deliberately concentrating and sniffing Pine- sol is clearly outside of the product's intended use and it is certainly recommend that they stop this behavior immediately.  While the product may not specifically warn against inhalation abuse of the kind that they are describing, their actions may be causing them to breathe concentrations of the ingredients above levels that are known to be safe.
Please take heed to this. Like liz said you can do an internet search and find out other general side effects; to be absolutely sure of how abuse will effects you you need to see a medical professional.

Thanks for your post, and I hope this helps initially.

Queshia B
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