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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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My 14 1/2 yo son has always been an honor roll student, 3 sport athlete and 2 weeks ago was failing 2 classes. He pulled up 1 grade but still failing another class. I found 2 trash bags under his bed this week in which the opening was taped leaving a small opening on each bag. I found tape under his bed also. I threw the bags in the trash thinking nothing of it. Tonight after he went to a dance with friends I was cleaning and searching around his room after finding an ecig tip 2 weeks ago. I found the bags back under the bed and a water bottle with milky watery liquid and pieces of tape and 2 rolls of tape. My gut is telling me what this is after researching this online...  Bagging? Huffing?
We will be confronting him after we pick him up tonight. Am I jumping to conclusions here or am I doing the right thing in assuming what this is??? I'm a complete mess right now in tears because he has never done anything to make me upset like this. Nice, polite, well liked, friendly but also moody and a bit of an attitude at home which I know is normal. UGH
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